Time Off.

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Aside, Training
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I have taken some time away from regular training in the past month.  This wasn’t really planned so much as a result of traveling to visit with family  and friends as well as having family visit us.  It is always difficult to find time to exercise, but two things I keep in focus every day are: eating with purpose and doing something physical everyday. 

Eating with purpose means that you are eating protein to rebuild muscle and eating colorful vegetables for their vitamins and nutrients, eating fruits for their sugars and fiber, and so on.  When you ask yourself, “what is eating this food going to do for my body?”  You may choose to eat different, healthier, foods.

There are days that I do not have the energy or make the time to do a scripted workout, but I can always do 10 squats in front of the TV, or a few sets of sit ups and push ups, and so on.  You can always make the choice to do something to build strength everyday, even if it is not something you or someone else would consider a workout.  If you chose to do something, rather than nothing… be proud!


This past month I did do several “workouts” and I will post them soon.


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